Tuesday, November 30, 2010


*Original Artwork: Mini Watercolor "Cuppie With Diet Coke"
*Amazon, Target, Old Navy, iTunes or Barnes and Noble Gift cards
*Anything Chargers related
*Everything In-Between: The Story of Elipse
*Anything related to baking, or cupcakes
*Movies: Shopgirl, Despicable Me, Any original Star Wars

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Target gift card
Old Navy gift card
non whistling tea kettle
winning lottery ticket

Monday, November 8, 2010

Steph and Trav

*Photoshop Keyboard Skin (I need the Desktop Photoshop "Ultra-thin with Numeric Keypad (Clear Cover)" version)
*Photojojo Gift Card
*iTunes gift card
*Southwest gift card

*iTunes gift card
*a nice stainless steel travel coffee mug
*He says he wants nothing, but this would be really nice for both of us: sweet orange Cookware Set from Rachael Ray

Weston Wish Lists

Movies - Kickass, Goonies 25th anniversary. anything dealing with hockey or firefighting times ticking has a lot of great stuff.
books on cd.

anything dealing with cooking - salad spinner, New York Giants stuff.

movies- tinkerbell, beauty and the beast. Im getting her a doll and she needs accessories (stroller , crib etc.)

Movies- Diary of a whimpy kid. A watch, anything star wars, hockey or Iron man.

The List

Kevin - Mary
JoDell - Cass
Jackson - Kristen
Kacie - Steph
Maxwell - James
Mia - Emma

James - Kacie
Kristen - Doug
Emma - Mia
Simon - Katie

Trav - Simon
Steph - Maxwell

Mary - Kevin
Katie - JoDell
Cass - Jackson
Doug - Travis